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What is an issue?

All School-related matters are handled by the Education Committee, or by the Educational Affairs Manager and the Vice President. These people work with Educational Surveillance and its improvement. An issue is anything that affects your studies, like grading, teachers’ pedagogics, study environment, and harassment.

How does it work?

By registering your issue below, you inform us about your perception of the issue. The issues are anonymous unless you decide otherwise. The issues are handled solely by people in positions of trust within the Education Committee and the Board. The issues are handled in accordance with the List of Rights and the Swedish Law.


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Meet – Elin Hörvallius

Chairman of the Education Committee
Elin Hörvallius

Chairman of the Education Committee

Kalmar ESS is Kalmar’s largest student association with members who in the future go out into working life with unique educations with basically economics. As Kalmar’s largest student association, we care about our members and that they should get the most out of their study time.  And together with companies, we arrange opportunities to meet through, for example, lectures, events and mingling. These events are based on policies from companies and our association and are held at a professional level.


Being a sponsor of the association gives your company a chance to create contact with the students of the School of Economics at the same time as you become the face of the economists of the future. This is also a perfect opportunity for companies in Kalmar to gain useful exposure and create new customer relationships.